Gearing Up for the 2014-2015 School Year

Wow!  Where did summer go?  I hope you all had a super summer and are ready to move into fall!  A quick update is in order!

If you want to join the AACHE homeschool group, be sure to get your AACHE  yearly membership form in!  You can find it here.  The cost is only $10 for the entire family.  Once you get that in, you’ll start getting e-mails about upcoming events!

Also, a field trip is already being planned to the bowling alley for very early in September!  Be on the lookout for information on this!  However, look for it via e-mail or Facebook as I don’t generally post specifics on our website here.

We will be having Friday classes again this year.  Look out for details on this in your e-mail or Facebook, too.

And most importantly, don’t forget to get your paperwork submitted to the superintendent’s office to be in compliance with homeschooling this year!

Be blessed!

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The End of the 2013-2014 AACHE School Year

Two annual activities finished off our 2013-2014 AACHE year back in May!  Summer was immediately ushered in, and I am just now getting our site updated.  Oops!

Track and Field Day

PARK DAY 4A finer day just couldn’t have been possible.  We were blessed with abundant sunshine and refreshing breezes.  The youngest children played at the park while the elementary and middle school aged kids participated in organized track and field events, such as sack races, three-legged races, egg and water relays.  The moms even had to get in on the action with a multi-faceted written quiz!  Prizes were awarded to all winners.  Kudos to the organizers of this very fun event!  Thank you!

Our annual meeting was held, and we elected new officers.  In actuality, I think we just PARK DAY 3reassigned and rearranged officers!  No matter!  We are exceptionally grateful to those who are willing to take on the task of keeping our group organized.  (But don’t forget.  It’s up to us members to keep up the activities and field trips!  I used to be nervous because I was new to the group and didn’t know how to step in.  I figured out finally to “just do it.”)  The information PARK DAY 1regarding new officers was sent out via e-mail, so if you are a member and not getting those e-mails, let us know!  You can e-mail the address listed for this site, and I will get the information to the appropriate person!

Project Fair

PROJECT FAIR 4The final event in May was Project Fair.  I think this is one of the most exciting events due to the opportunity to interact with the students, asking questions about their projects and interests.  (Then finding the moms to find out how they got their kids to do that!)  There are no specifications for the projects, and wonderful diversity reigns.  This year’s Project Fair brought us projects on photography, anatomy, writing, poetry, pandas, history, and so much more!

In addition to stationary projects where the students stood at tables and answered PROJECT FAIR 1questions regarding their work, there was also time for students to show off performing talents.  On the stage, we heard works recited from Shakespeare, Teddy Roosevelt, and C.S. Lewis.  We heard songs that taught about the systems of the body and beautiful piano music and lovely singing duets.

PROJECT FAIR 2Following the performances and project presentations, we had fellowship with one another over light snacks.  Another big thank you to the coordinator of this event and to those bringing food and drink!

Summer is Here

AACHE wishes you a wonderful, safe, and blessed summer.  There is a field trip planned to the landfill to see a new cell (and ride the people mover) very soon coming up, I believe, next week!  So again, if you’re not getting information and you’re a member, e-mail the address listed for this site, and I will get you in touch with our coordinator to make sure you’re getting updates!

If you are new to town, new to homeschooling, or an established homeschooling family in search of a great group of people to share field trips, holiday parties, and other activities with, contact us!  We’d love to welcome you to our group!


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Class Day Success and Exciting May Events

Class Day Ends for the Semester

Class Day wrapped up on Friday!  It was exciting (and impressive) to listen to the high Class Day Speechschool students’ speeches, rewarding to see the second and third grade students parade around in their newly made knit hats, and fulfilling to hear about insects and the “two tiny countries inside the country of Italy” from the older elementary students.  Thank you so much to the families who attended and to the teachers who donated their time and energy.  It’s not easy to get to Class Day or to prepare a class for Class Day in our long South Dakota winters, but the smiles and new knowledge on my kids’ faces when we walk out the door tells me it’s worth it.  Thank you also to those parents who filled in as substitute teachers when needed, who helped tidy up the church, and to Zion Lutheran for a facility to meet in!

Upcoming Events for May

Annual Project Fair, Saturday, May 17 at 6:30 pm:  Each year students bring displays of their work for other students and parent to look.  Some students choose to tackle new projects especially for the Project Fair, and others choose to bring in samples of their work over the year.  In addition, there is opportunity for students to perform on stage for the group in attendance with a selection of their choice–a piano piece, a vocal solo, a poem, a piece of literature, or any other appropriate work. Please get in touch with us and let us know if you will be attending and if you will need table space for a project display!  RSVP date is May 14.  Drinks and light snacks (some healthy, some not) will be included.

Annual Business Meeting and “Track and Field Day,” Friday, May 16 at 10:30 am (Please note the Business Meeting is at 12:30.):   On this day, we will be gathering at the park (e-mail if you need details on which park) for play and for organized games, followed by our annual business meeting.  Bring your own lunch.  10:30-noon are the games and lunch.  If your child wants to participate in the organized contests, please RSVP.  There will be an award ceremony for them after the business meeting.

At 12:30 is the adult meeting.  Very important adult meeting!  We need you here to vote for new officers and to share any ideas or thoughts on AACHE.  I know, I know, I know.  Nobody likes meetings and nobody likes to be an officer.  But our officers this year did a FANTASTIC job, and there were organized activities for all age groups!  For sure one officer who has had a post for years is ready to pass the torch.  A well-run homeschool group can be a huge asset to both seasoned and new homeschool families.  Let’s keep being well-run so we can continue to reach out and also provide fun, safe activities for students of all ages.  We have a great group.  Pray.  Is there an area in AACHE that God would like you to reach out in–a need you see that keeps nagging on your heart?  Is there an idea you’ve been toying around with in your mind that seems perfect for our group or your role in our group?  Teaching?  Party-planning?  Mom’s Night Out?  Snack coordinating for events?  Taking an officer position?  Web site administration?  Newsletter distribution?  Don’t do it if it’s not from God, but if you’re feeling that pull on your heart, then let us know!!!

Ken’s and Kessler’s Receipts

Turn in those receipts by Track and Field Day!  The more money we gather from these receipts, the more affordable all activities are!  We want that!

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Valentine’s Day Party for AACHE

IMAG1944A big thanks to those who coordinated the Valentine’s Day party for the kids!  We enjoyed catching up with each other, but we missed those who could not attend and look forward to seeing you soon!  It was also wonderful to meet some new faces!  Welcome!

Next month we have Friday Classes starting back up.  So be sure to check your newsletters for information on that and other happenings!  (I would put the happenings here but somehow I lost my newsletter! Oops and sorry!)

Spring will come soon!  Take care and God bless!  Any questions about our group?  Drop us an e-mail! IMAG1951

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A Fun December for our Group!

IMAG1743Merry Christmas to AACHE!  What was happening in December?  Well, a lot more than I remembered to take pictures of!

Nursing Home Crafts and Music

My children always enjoy visiting the nursing home; in fact, all the students I see seem to IMAG1496enjoy it!  This time isn’t only for the young ones!  We’re starting to see more middle school and high school students at the events–which I think is valuable for all!  A couple of members of the home have expressed to me just how much it means that we come since their grandchildren are not in town or perhaps don’t make it as often as they’d like.  Extra special this month was the Christmas music that many of the students offered in the background!  Awesome!

IMAG1765Christmas Party

The annual Christmas Party was a hit!  So nice to see so many people in attendance!  The activities offered were wonderful, and the volunteers who brought in their craft ideas are admired!  Thank you!

Field Trip to Four Brushes

IMAG1749We rocked the shop!  But, thankfully, my kids didn’t break a thing–in fact, nothing got broken!  Four Brushes is a shop where you can paint your own pottery!  It was a lot of fun for kids and parents!

Our group has been a blessing!  Thank you to all the families and students!  I know this group makes our homeschooling experience much, much richer!

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An Update on Class Day and Mom’s Coffee

English: "The First Thanksgiving at Plymo...

English: “The First Thanksgiving at Plymouth” (1914) By Jennie A. Brownscombe (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The snows started early this year, but the warmth of our homeschool group has been a wonderful embrace!  We have two more Class Days.  Thank you to ALL of the moms who volunteered to teach our children, whether in geography, etiquette, conflict class, literature through art class, cooking, chemistry, or in the preschool nursery.  I think our children are learning and having a lot of fun being around other young, enthusiastic, vibrant homeschooled kids.  (My kids enjoyed the partial break from good ol’ boring, dry mom!). We will take a break after Thanksgiving so this uplifting activity remains a blessing rather than a chore.  Thank you for participating, and I hope if you are interested in this that you will hook up with us after our lengthy winter break.

As much as we love class days, time alone together as moms to pick each other’s brains without boisterous interruptions is a real treat!  This morning we shared in Homeschooling Mom’s Coffee and what a wealth of experience our group has to draw on!  Thank you to all who came and to those moms with high school students who shared with us!  Pearls I gathered from today’s coffee regarding homeschooling high school aged students:

  • Listen more than you talk.
  • Enjoy having them with you because time is fleeting.
  • Observe them as people and respect their personalities.  Sometimes you don’t get the easy teenage child, but look to God, do what is right, and don’t beat yourself up.
  • Raise up your child to have an inheritance.  To me, I took this as making sure they have resources to fall back on, hopefully through skills and talents we have nurtured but not forced upon them.
  • Young men may need their dads to start becoming more involved in their education or bringing up at this time rather than it always being mom.
  • By homeschooling, we are encouraging the family to be the main support.  Some kids don’t need or even want more.  Some do, and those families need to be aware of this and find outlets such as church, homeschool classes, and getting together with other homeschool families.
  • Just because I know that prom and graduation ceremonies are no big deal doesn’t mean I can expect my homeschooled child to quite get that.
  • Being able to homeschool is an opportunity to cherish  and fight for.

There were so many more nuggets!  Thank you to all!  How nice to have support from other moms “down in the trenches.”  We missed those who were not present and hope you are well and safe!

We hope ALL in our group have a great month of Thanksgiving!

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A Busy Fall For Our Group

We have had quite a busy fall as a group!

A Field Trip To Krause Family Orchards

Apples on tree

Apple Talk

AACHE Field Trip

Another great Class Day!

With teaching etiquette to growing young ladies…

Etiquette Class

Using whiffle balls and toys to present atomic structure in chemistry class…

HS Chemistry Class

Teaching conflict management techniques…

Homeschool Class for Conflict class

Learning introductions in etiquette class…

Learning introductions

Literature Through Art Class…

Telling the Story

And Visiting the Nursing Home and Making Crafts

Crafting with our elders

Making crafts at nursing home

I don’t know about you, but I feel BLESSED!

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