An Update on Class Day and Mom’s Coffee

English: "The First Thanksgiving at Plymo...

English: “The First Thanksgiving at Plymouth” (1914) By Jennie A. Brownscombe (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The snows started early this year, but the warmth of our homeschool group has been a wonderful embrace!  We have two more Class Days.  Thank you to ALL of the moms who volunteered to teach our children, whether in geography, etiquette, conflict class, literature through art class, cooking, chemistry, or in the preschool nursery.  I think our children are learning and having a lot of fun being around other young, enthusiastic, vibrant homeschooled kids.  (My kids enjoyed the partial break from good ol’ boring, dry mom!). We will take a break after Thanksgiving so this uplifting activity remains a blessing rather than a chore.  Thank you for participating, and I hope if you are interested in this that you will hook up with us after our lengthy winter break.

As much as we love class days, time alone together as moms to pick each other’s brains without boisterous interruptions is a real treat!  This morning we shared in Homeschooling Mom’s Coffee and what a wealth of experience our group has to draw on!  Thank you to all who came and to those moms with high school students who shared with us!  Pearls I gathered from today’s coffee regarding homeschooling high school aged students:

  • Listen more than you talk.
  • Enjoy having them with you because time is fleeting.
  • Observe them as people and respect their personalities.  Sometimes you don’t get the easy teenage child, but look to God, do what is right, and don’t beat yourself up.
  • Raise up your child to have an inheritance.  To me, I took this as making sure they have resources to fall back on, hopefully through skills and talents we have nurtured but not forced upon them.
  • Young men may need their dads to start becoming more involved in their education or bringing up at this time rather than it always being mom.
  • By homeschooling, we are encouraging the family to be the main support.  Some kids don’t need or even want more.  Some do, and those families need to be aware of this and find outlets such as church, homeschool classes, and getting together with other homeschool families.
  • Just because I know that prom and graduation ceremonies are no big deal doesn’t mean I can expect my homeschooled child to quite get that.
  • Being able to homeschool is an opportunity to cherish  and fight for.

There were so many more nuggets!  Thank you to all!  How nice to have support from other moms “down in the trenches.”  We missed those who were not present and hope you are well and safe!

We hope ALL in our group have a great month of Thanksgiving!

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