The End of the 2013-2014 AACHE School Year

Two annual activities finished off our 2013-2014 AACHE year back in May!  Summer was immediately ushered in, and I am just now getting our site updated.  Oops!

Track and Field Day

PARK DAY 4A finer day just couldn’t have been possible.  We were blessed with abundant sunshine and refreshing breezes.  The youngest children played at the park while the elementary and middle school aged kids participated in organized track and field events, such as sack races, three-legged races, egg and water relays.  The moms even had to get in on the action with a multi-faceted written quiz!  Prizes were awarded to all winners.  Kudos to the organizers of this very fun event!  Thank you!

Our annual meeting was held, and we elected new officers.  In actuality, I think we just PARK DAY 3reassigned and rearranged officers!  No matter!  We are exceptionally grateful to those who are willing to take on the task of keeping our group organized.  (But don’t forget.  It’s up to us members to keep up the activities and field trips!  I used to be nervous because I was new to the group and didn’t know how to step in.  I figured out finally to “just do it.”)  The information PARK DAY 1regarding new officers was sent out via e-mail, so if you are a member and not getting those e-mails, let us know!  You can e-mail the address listed for this site, and I will get the information to the appropriate person!

Project Fair

PROJECT FAIR 4The final event in May was Project Fair.  I think this is one of the most exciting events due to the opportunity to interact with the students, asking questions about their projects and interests.  (Then finding the moms to find out how they got their kids to do that!)  There are no specifications for the projects, and wonderful diversity reigns.  This year’s Project Fair brought us projects on photography, anatomy, writing, poetry, pandas, history, and so much more!

In addition to stationary projects where the students stood at tables and answered PROJECT FAIR 1questions regarding their work, there was also time for students to show off performing talents.  On the stage, we heard works recited from Shakespeare, Teddy Roosevelt, and C.S. Lewis.  We heard songs that taught about the systems of the body and beautiful piano music and lovely singing duets.

PROJECT FAIR 2Following the performances and project presentations, we had fellowship with one another over light snacks.  Another big thank you to the coordinator of this event and to those bringing food and drink!

Summer is Here

AACHE wishes you a wonderful, safe, and blessed summer.  There is a field trip planned to the landfill to see a new cell (and ride the people mover) very soon coming up, I believe, next week!  So again, if you’re not getting information and you’re a member, e-mail the address listed for this site, and I will get you in touch with our coordinator to make sure you’re getting updates!

If you are new to town, new to homeschooling, or an established homeschooling family in search of a great group of people to share field trips, holiday parties, and other activities with, contact us!  We’d love to welcome you to our group!


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