Winter Friday Classes

Our Friday Classes will be beginning soon and will run from February 20th through March 13th.  What are Friday Classes?  Friday Classes are an opportunity for members to get together for four Friday mornings in a row while school-aged students attend two one-hour classes.  Parents volunteer to teach the students.  This session we have the following class opportunities:

Kindergarten and First Grade:

Art and Literature

Second and Third Grade:

Fine Arts
Presidents of Mt. Rushmore

Fourth, Fifth, and Sixth Grade:

World Cultures
Fine Arts

Junior High and High School


If your children are going to attend, you must RSVP.  In addition, as Friday Classes are a work in progress, some additional requests are being made that are new to us this term.  Please see our Facebook page or check your e-mails for further information.  One new requirement will be a statement of faith:  AACHE Statement of Faith.

If you are looking for a homeschool group to be a part of in our area, feel free to e-mail!

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