Learn more about our environment


Hey parents! In our pursuit of learning as much as we can, check out these resources for more information!

This information is great for the whole family! Supplemental learning geared towards our lessons at the Northern Prairie Water Festival.

You can find a whole semester worth of supplemental items on these websites, including printouts and ideas for lessons.

What’s our local water quality look like? Get realtime info on Aberdeen here

Games, Quizzes and More

The USGS Water Science School

Take Me Fishing-Identify Fish

K-12 Soil Science Teacher Resources

Environmental Kids Club by the EPA

It’s always recommended that parents go through the info first, to make sure that the information covered is in line with your learning goals and values (meaning that I didn’t scan for hidden agendas!). 

Information on the September 24th field trip!

Attention parents of 4th graders! Northern Prairie Water Festival is being held Sept 24 in the Barnett Center on NSU campus. I’ll paste below the details of the event, but I must say it is very much worth attending if you possibly can! 4th graders and a parent can attend as part of AACHE. We will either be in the morning (9-11:25am) or afternoon (noon-2:25pm) session. I will let you know once they assign us our time.

You MUST RSVP to Dara (editor@edityourwork.com) before Sept 1 since I have to turn in the form with the number of attendees. If you have not yet turned in your AACHE form to Amy Dinger, please do that first. If you have young ones and can’t attend yourself, there will be at least two other adults from our group there, so don’t let that keep your 4th grader away!

“The Festival offers a variety of fun, hands-on activities designed to educate and increase awareness in your students about our most precious resource, water!

“Each fourth grade class will attend four different learning sessions and will also visit the Exhibit Hall, which is filled with displays, exhibits, and fun activities.”

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