2017 Fall Friday Classes

AACHE Fall Friday Classes

Aberdeen First Assembly of God

(Across from Wiley Park on Hwy 281)


October 6-27, 2017

Fridays 9:30–11:30am


4-week session will be $10 per family. Registration is required by Sept. 23*



9:30am-10am, Music by Amy Dougherty

10am-10:30, PE by Anne Miller OR

9:30am Drawing, Coloring, Quiet Games by Amber Beyers

10:30am, Art/Lit by Rebekah Bowser


9:30am Art/Lit, by Rebekah Bowser

10:30 am, Zumba?? by


9:30-11:30, TBA (Oct. 6)

9:30am-11:30, Robotics by Becca Tullar (Oct. 13)

9:30am-10:30, Robotics by Becca Tullar (Oct. 20, 27)

10:30am-11:30, TBA (Oct 20, 27)


9:30am, Math by Terri Fites, MD

10:30 am, Art by Lora Schaunaman


RSVP to editor@edityourwork.com by Sept. 23 with GRADE LEVELS and NAMES of students who will attend. Please don’t just say, “Yes, my kids are coming.” You can pay at the first session.
* All registrations after Sept. 23 will be $30/family. Teachers need time to prepare and purchase supplies and it’s not fair for them to have to keep running back to the store to purchase more supplies when people sign up late. Thank you for your understanding!

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The start of the 2017-2018 School Year

Hello fellow homeschoolers and welcome to the start of another school year!

If you haven’t sent in your membership form please send it by September 1 to Amy Dougherty.

Let us know if you have any ideas for field trips this year! Some plans for the coming year are – Friday classes in October, Free Enterprise day in November, and a Christmas Party in December.

Don’t forget about the booksale, Saturday, August 26th from 10am-noon in the garage at Rebekah Bowser’s home. If you are interested in selling or buying at this book sale, please let Anne Miller or Rebekah Bowser know! You will need to be responsible for your own table, set-up, pricing, etc. If you want to just leave a box on your table and trust people to be honest, that’s fine. Otherwise, please stay and handle any transactions. If you want to donate anything left over, Rebekah has graciously offered to take leftovers to the Salvation Army. If you want to keep it, you must pick it up by 12:30. Please do not ask Rebekah to hold things for you for longer. By 12:30 or it’s gone! 

There’s also going to be a Back to School Party!!

WHAT: Back to school party!
WHEN: Saturday, August 26, 2017 (12-4 pm)
WHERE: Richmond Lake Recreation Area (southwest side of the lake)
WHO: You and your family! Bring them all! The dads, those cute littles, the teens, the dog if you want (but be prepared to keep them leashed)
HOW: This area is a state park and therefore requires the appropriate fees – either a valid 2017 SD state park sticker OR $4/person OR $6/vehicle (I was told “as many people as you can fit into one vehicle”).
This area of Richmond lake offers a swim beach, hiking trail, fishing (bring your own license and equipment please) as well as a playground and picnic areas. So that everyone can come and go as they need, please bring your own picnic lunch.
If you haven’t turned in your AACHE registration form, now is a perfect time to do that! (Forms will be available at the park, you just need your $10/family dues).
Below is map of the area we plan to gather in. I’m thinking that there will be room for us to “set up camp” near the swim beach so bring chairs and blankets as the provided seating is limited in that area.

  Here is the homeschool open gym info @ next generation in the mall. First open gym is Sept 6 from 1-2.

*Call NGPC 725-NEXT prior to Wednesday 1:00 each week so Jen Deutsch is aware of how many are coming.  She can’t have over 20 in the gym.  She usually doesn’t reach that number with our group… but has once or twice.  Its also nice to know if no one is coming.  That has happened as well.
Every Wednesday 1-2pm for open gym ages 18 months – 12.  If there are older than age 12 please have the families ask Jen Deutsch first.
$5.50 each or $11.00 max family.  They still only take cash or check.  They also have the punch cards available for $45.00 (10 punches).
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Friday Classes! Spring 2016

Friday classes! Yes, it’s that time of year again.

Here are the details:

Classes are open to all members of AACHE.

The cost is $5 per child IF you register by March 21. After March 21, it’s $5 per child and a late fee of $20. Late registration causes extra work for the teachers who have to prepare items in advance.

Two one-hour classes starting at 9:30am, the first four Fridays in April (1, 8, 15, 22). The last Friday April 29 will be our Project Fair where kids can display what they have made or learned. That will be in the evening.


K-1  – PE/nutrition
K-1  – TBD
2-3  – Sign Language
2-3  – Latin American Culture/Art/Lit
4-6  – Construction/Bridges
4-6  – Science (atoms and molecules)
7-12 – Chemistry or Endocrinology
7-12 – Drama

Spread the word! And email or message Dara (through FaceBook) to reserve your spot. You can pay on the first day of classes. See you all again soon!

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Friday Classes – Fall 2015

FALL 2015 – October 2-30, 2015


  • K-1 Art/Literature
  • K-1 PE/Music
  • 2-3 Sign Language
  • 2-3 Art/Literature
  • 4-6 Lewis & Clark
  • 4-6 Electricity (first 2-3 weeks)
  • Art (last 2-3 weeks)
  • 7-12 Photography
  • 7-12 Anatomy/Physiology
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Learn more about our environment


Hey parents! In our pursuit of learning as much as we can, check out these resources for more information!

This information is great for the whole family! Supplemental learning geared towards our lessons at the Northern Prairie Water Festival.

You can find a whole semester worth of supplemental items on these websites, including printouts and ideas for lessons.

What’s our local water quality look like? Get realtime info on Aberdeen here

Games, Quizzes and More

The USGS Water Science School

Take Me Fishing-Identify Fish

K-12 Soil Science Teacher Resources

Environmental Kids Club by the EPA

It’s always recommended that parents go through the info first, to make sure that the information covered is in line with your learning goals and values (meaning that I didn’t scan for hidden agendas!). 

Information on the September 24th field trip!

Attention parents of 4th graders! Northern Prairie Water Festival is being held Sept 24 in the Barnett Center on NSU campus. I’ll paste below the details of the event, but I must say it is very much worth attending if you possibly can! 4th graders and a parent can attend as part of AACHE. We will either be in the morning (9-11:25am) or afternoon (noon-2:25pm) session. I will let you know once they assign us our time.

You MUST RSVP to Dara (editor@edityourwork.com) before Sept 1 since I have to turn in the form with the number of attendees. If you have not yet turned in your AACHE form to Amy Dinger, please do that first. If you have young ones and can’t attend yourself, there will be at least two other adults from our group there, so don’t let that keep your 4th grader away!

“The Festival offers a variety of fun, hands-on activities designed to educate and increase awareness in your students about our most precious resource, water!

“Each fourth grade class will attend four different learning sessions and will also visit the Exhibit Hall, which is filled with displays, exhibits, and fun activities.”

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Planning the 2015-2016 Year

This first fall semester, we have planned Friday Classes in October, a holiday party, a service project, and a mom’s coffee.  We are excited to see what field trips parents and students come up with!  Get us the information, and we will disseminate it to the group!

If you have sent in your AACHE application and fee, you will receive newsletter updates via e-mail letting you know of dates and times of events.  You will not be placed on the e-mail list until you do so.  We will also do our best to update Facebook with events.

Welcome to all returning members and to new families too!  Let’s make it a great year of supporting our fellow Christian home educators!  Our words, faces, and actions are Christ’s work here and now.

If you’d like to contact us for further details, please e-mail AACHE123@yahoo.com.  We can get you a group application.

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Wrapping Up 2014-2015

April and May are busy times for our homeschool group!  We had Free Enterprise Day, Project Fair, and Track and Field Day.  I know we even had a field trip or two tossed into the mix, too!  It has been awhile since the last AACHE website post, but AACHE is still thriving!  If you are new to our community, or just new to homeschooling in our community, and would like a group of Christian families to share your journey with, please get in touch with us!

Fall will soon be upon us, and I foresee field trips and Class Day resuming full force.  Our organization’s membership form is available on this website, and we’d love to welcome you to our group for the first time or as a returning family!  Fill it out soon and mail it in!

I will leave you with just a few photos–some track and field activities and a student reciting a poem at Project Fair.

E-mail for any questions:  AACHE123@yahoo.com.  Please note we are in the United States.

Have a great summer!

2015-05-08 12.25.452015-04-24 20.34.41 2015-05-08 11.30.33


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